As Perre Hotels Resort & Spa, we want to fulfill our commitment to create and ensure a
sustainable future in the tourism industry. In this regard, we act in line with the criteria
determined by the Sustainability Council and aim to contribute to sustainable tourism.

The basic elements of our sustainability policy include protecting natural resources,
implementing environmentally friendly practices, contributing to local communities and
raising awareness of our employees about sustainable tourism.

Protection of Natural Resources
Preserving natural resources is vital for sustainable tourism. Therefore, as Perre Hotels
Resort & Spa, we promote the sustainable use of natural resources. For this, we apply
methods that save energy and water. Our facility has energy-saving technologies such
as the use of LED lighting and automatic irrigation systems. In addition, we are sensitive
about waste management and give priority to recycling practices.
Environmentally Friendly Practices
Within the scope of our sustainable tourism policy, we aim to avoid practices that harm
our facility and environment. Therefore, we use environmentally friendly materials and
technologies. Textile products, seating areas and furniture used in our facility are
produced from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, we use
water and energy-saving technologies.
Contributing to Local Communities
Local communities are a key element of sustainable tourism. Therefore, as Perre Hotels
Resort & Spa, we support inter-communal cooperation by contributing to the local
economy. We work with local producers in our facility and serve our guests with natural
products such as fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the region. By protecting the local
values of our country, we also support cultural activities such as handicrafts and
regional delicacies.
Raising Awareness of Our Employees on Sustainable Tourism
Our employees play an important role in realizing sustainable tourism. Therefore, as
Perre Hotels Resort & Spa, we ensure that our employees are aware of sustainable
tourism. We aim to increase our employees’ awareness of sustainable tourism and their
sensitivity to environmentally friendly tourism activities.
Sustainability Practices for Our Guests
As Perre Hotels Resort & Spa, we aim to raise awareness of sustainability in our guests
and introduce them to environmentally friendly practices in our facility. In this regard,
we create informational materials that introduce our facility’s sustainability policy and
practices. Additionally, we aim to increase the environmental awareness of our guests
by using energy and water-saving practices and methods.
waste management
Our facility has suitable containers for separating waste at source and recycling reusable
Sustainable tourism practices are one of the fundamental elements of our sustainability
policy. We carry out our activities with awareness and practical knowledge about
sustainable tourism to reflect the criteria determined by the Global Tourism
Sustainability Council. To respond to our guests’ interest in sustainable tourism
practices and to provide high-quality services, we benefit from current technologies and
nature-friendly practices.